Quantum Veterinary Healing

Dr. Suzan Seelye’s revolutionary and truly unique approach to healing and wholeness incorporates numerous healing modalities to facilitate the animal’s transformation to radiant health. This is achieved through total structural alignment, utilizing spinal and deep muscular treatment, traditional Chinese medicine, and energy healing to evolve a completely healed body from the inside out.

Spending over 20 years in a traditional veterinary practice, Dr. Seelye became frustrated with the temporary band aiding of medical conditions with toxic drugs and the inability to cure chronic and degenerative conditions. Her search for true healing for her own pets, patients, and herself, lead her on a journey spanning over 5 years of intensive apprenticeships and post graduate studies.

Starting this journey as a true skeptic, the results were startling to her. Dr. Seelye’s excitement in what she discovered caused her to close her established practice of 25 years and move to the Seattle area to create a new paradigm veterinary medical practice which allows healing at the DNA level.

Our Services:

  • Private Farm/Stable/House visits
  • Exams/Evaluations
  • Quantum Healing treatments on horses, cats and dogs
  • Workshops/Clinics
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Quantum Equine Training and Riding
  • Phone Consultations

Appropriate for treatment of:

  • behavior problems
  • chronic conditions
  • degenerative conditions
  • lameness’s
  • preventive maintenance
  • unresolved training issues
  • internal medical conditions

Devoted to health and healing through non-toxic wholistic/holistic methods. Addressing body and mind.

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