Dr. Seelye spent over 20 years in traditional veterinary practice and became more and more frustrated with the temporary band aiding of medical conditions with toxic drugs that sometimes caused more harm than good. Typically these side effects would have to be counteracted with other drugs, and so it would go. At the cellular level deterioration continued until the next crisis occurred, and in conventional medicine there is no way to adequately cure degenerative or chronic conditions.

All of this was very troublesome to Dr. Seelye. Her decision to search for true healing for her pets, patients, and herself lead her on a journey spanning over 5 years of intensive apprenticeships and studies. The results were startling and exciting! Her excitement in what she found caused her to close her established practice of 25 years and move to Western Washington to pursue the development of an alternative practice where true healing is created without the use of toxic drugs and invasive procedures.

Dr. Seelye’s incorporation of Quantum physics, along with her knowledge and experience of allopathic and eastern medicine in her healing work, sets this apart from other healing modalities.

Dr. Seelye is devoted to health and healing through non-toxic wholistic/holistic methods while addressing both body and mind.  Her approach is effective for the treatment of all medical conditions, behavior problems, and lameness. This is the ultimate in preventive medicine. You too can find the answer to truehealth and healing for your pet or equine partner.

Benefits realized by Quantum Healing

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of injury and illness.
  • Increase production of joint fluid.
  • Increase joint range of motion.
  • Release stored toxins in the body.
  • Optimize physical performance.
  • Decrease and eliminate problem behaviors.
  • Optimize function of circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive and neurological system.
  • Prevent disease through the optimized function of the above systems.


Bachelor of Science in Bacteriology
Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
~ Washington State University
Certified Tui-na practitioner (Chinese medical manipulation)
Chi Institute graduate
~ School of traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM.com)
Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
~ China National Society of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
Private Mixed Animal Practice
~ 25 years
Postgraduate Studies
~ Quantum physics, neurophysiology, molecular biology
Further studies
~ TTouch, Qigong, Homeopathy, Nutraceutics, Chinese and Western Herbal medicine, Feldenkrais
Equine Externship ~ Santa Anita racetrack
Equine Research Assistant ~ Washington State University

Suggested reading and viewing materialsto gain further understanding of these healing concepts:

Molecules of Emotion, by Candace Pert


Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d, by Candace Pert – A book by a highly respected scientist that is fun, entertaining and easy to read – hard to believe? Following in the same light hearted writing style of her first book, Molecules of Emotion, written 10 years earlier, this book fills us with knowledge of how our (and of course the animals) bodies work. She takes us through her own personal and professional journey to embrace a new paradigm of healing that is scientifically based, addressing body and mind. This book describes in easy to understand language exactly how my work does work and why it is so effective in healing. I came away thinking she must have written this book just for my clients! For those of you that have wondered why, when I treat your horse or animal companion, emotions such as anger, fear, insecurity emerge this is a must read book. It shows you the biophysiology of how memories and emotions are chemically stored in the body and the importance of addressing this to effect healing.Here is a taste of what you’ll get: “All systems of our physiology are connected and coordinated by emotion-laden, information-carrying molecules, engaged in constant cross talk, for example, between the nervous and immune systems. This network of communication that takes place throughout the body and brain involves intelligence and emotion… In fact, the application of what I’ve found under the microscope is being used everywhere as a rationale in current, alternative modalities. I like to call these the ‘new paradigm medicine,’ instead of ‘alternative’ or ‘integrative’, terms that I believe are inadequate and reflect separation or even a hostile division that must be resolved. The truth is that the centrality of mind and emotions is a new paradigm that sweeps everything away (thus, all the angst!), much like the realization that the Earth revolves around the sun did five centuries ago.”I loaned this book to my daughter, a very scientific person, entering medical school next fall. She commented that this book allowed her to bridge the gap between science and consciousness. No longer do they need to be thought of as separate, the connection is explained simply and scientifically. Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d gives you knowledge you can apply to enrich your everyday life. I found this to be one of those hard to put down books, and strongly recommend it.


The Biology of Belief, by Dr. Bruce Lipton


Synaptic Self, by Joseph Le Doux


The Quantum Brain, by Jeffrey Satinover


The Field, by Lynne McTaggart


Tug of War: Classicale Versus “Modern” Dressage
Why Classical Training Works and How Incorrect Riding Negatively Affects Horses’ Health
, by Gerd Heuschmann – A client first showed me this book towards the beginning of 2007 and my first thought was, “Thank goodness someone has put this knowledge into print; one less book I have to write!”Dr. Heuschmann is an equine veterinarian and Pferdewirt (a professional rider and trainer with veterinary training) who writes in a clear, concise manner how incorrect “modern” riding negatively affects horses’ health. Don’t be mislead by the dressage word – remember this word simply means “training” and every time you work with your horse you are “training”.Dr. Heuschmann speaks out clearly against many of the “training” methods used today that mentally and physically damage the horse, the results of which I treat every day in my practice. The book is filled with wonderful pictures and diagrams to demonstrate how training horses too quickly and incorrectly results in long-lasting damage. He shows how lameness and other problems are associated with incorrect alignment and why relaxation, mentally and physically, is so important to develop.Dr. Heuschmann is a true horse advocate. The world is a better place for those who speak out in truth against the techniques created for human agendas rather than the betterment of the horse. Read this book and give a copy to all your horse friends. Your equine companions will have a better life for it.

*Dressage = training, regardless of your riding discipline


Zen and Horseback Riding - book by Tom NagelZen & Horseback Riding: Applying the Principles of Posture, Breath and Awareness to Riding Horses, by Tom Nagel – Don’t let the Zen color your thoughts. It is the most applicable book about applying the principles of posture, breath and awareness to riding horses that I know of and has a foreword by Sally Swift. Tom makes simple and understandable how to truly have self carriage on the horse through engagement of the psoas muscle, hyoid muscles and softening of the solar plexus. I recently attended a clinic of his and have to say it was the most life changing clinic I have ever attended. What struck me was how simple and easy it was to find that ever elusive “seat” I had been searching for all these years. And darn it if I can’t possibly tighten my arms and hands or pinch with my legs when engaging my psoas and hyoid muscles! Another amazing thing is when I engaged my psoas and hyoid so did Wizard, my horse, to mirror me. That created lifting of his back into me and engaging his hindquarters to create throughness. Wizard had a grin for sure that day. I could almost hear him say, “After all these years of my patience and she finally got it!” It is so simple, yet so profound. Visit his web site www.zenandthehorse.com.


Riding Between the Worlds, by Linda Kohanov – I applaud this courageous woman who puts forth such truth on paper for the slowly changing, critical voices of today’s equestrian world. A true advocate for the horse, Linda speaks out against the generally accepted paradigms in the equestrian world today that keep us supposedly superior and separate from our horse. She shares novel concepts of developing will, ingenuity and personal responsibility in the horse, with the potential of developing the horse’s mind to empower him rather than conditioning it to respond predictably to manage its every move. Linda dispels the mistruths of many popular, in vogue, training techniques used today that were created with a dominance – submissive paradigm, not a partnership built in mutual trust and respect. Riding Between the Worlds shows us clearly how current training techniques suppress independent thought in horses, “a habit so ingrained in the equestrian arts that it’s virtually unconscious”.I see and treat so many horses that have been mentally and physically damaged by this mindset that to see someone rise up above what is accepted today with truth is a breath of fresh air. To quote from her book:
“Trainers and handlers who resort to such intricate tactics are often the same people who insist that horses “don’t have much going on upstairs”. When it comes right down to it, these people want their mounts to act like easily manipulated imbeciles, and in fact, the horse industry has created all kinds of techniques to make sure these animals never assert their will, never develop discerning, agile minds of their own. But for some reason, the human contingent has to add insult to injury by ceaselessly complaining that horses suffer from a hopeless case of stupidity. The seemingly more progressive among them have told me, “The horse has a little brain, but a big heart.”
“Horseshit”, I say. “You condition these animals to submit to your will without question because that’s what you’re paid to do. You may be dominant over your horses, but you’re submissive to the system. When you talk about how your training techniques follow prey animal instincts, what you’re also telling me is that you deny horses the power of innovative thought. It’s so much easier to suppress someone’s spirit when you see him as a childlike, mentally deficient creature whose entire life must be managed for his own good. But even a happy, well-cared-for-slave is still a slave.”I strongly recommend this book. Be careful when you start, you might not be able to put it down. Dare to step out of your old paradigms. The joy of riding as one in body and spirit with an equal partner in mutual trust and respect rather than dominance is worth the change.



Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More, by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len – This book was given to me as a gift from a friend and is well worth reading. It is about a psychologist who helped heal an entire ward of mentally ill criminals without ever seeing any of them professionally. He used an unusual healing method from Hawaii called ho’oponopono. It takes self responsibility to whole new heights. The technique, in part, is seeing everything that comes into your life as a part of yourself and cleansing by saying “forgive me”, “I love you”, “thank you”. For example, if you are having a run in with your boss or significant other, say the above in your mind over and over. Certainly when I tried it for a few days saying “I love you” that much made a difference in something. It’s hard to carry negative feelings when you are saying “I love you” in your mind.


What the Bleep, movie DVD


The Biology of Perception/The Psychology of Change, by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams


Biology of Emotion, by Dr. Bruce Lipton, movie DVD



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