Dr. Suzan Seelye – New Events Fall 2014

Keep the Flame Burning

In Jan I started off the Year of the Horse with an Ignite the Magic clinic here in Yelm. Lots of smiles, laughter and joy was present! As we start to wrap up 2014 I invite you to bring your horse and join me to Keep the Flame Burning. Nov 8 and 9th at D&R Stables in Graham, WA. Attend one day for $155 or 2 days for $195.

What you will learn:

  • how to attain self carriage, balance, and confidence on and off your horse.
  • the healing art of Chinese Tui-na to bring your horse into balance and harmony.
  • how to create a foundation of trust and get your horse’s desire to please you through a true heart to heart connection.

Call me at 360-348-0285 or e-mail healingheartvet@aol.com to register.

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Apprenticeship Immersion

Personal apprenticeship immersion November 22 & 23. Limit 4. Cost $595.

In September I held the first immersion with 4 very enthusiastic, talented, adventurous, eager to learn healers in the making. Several of you expressed interest and couldn’t make it on the previous dates so here is your chance to empower yourself with knowledge and experience. I was asked to develop this into a certification course. This immersion will be Part 1 of a 3 step Level 1 certification course in Equine Quantum Healing. Part 2 will be a 2 day in late Feb or March 2015, dates to be determined by attendees. Part 3 will be a week long session in July 2015. Call me at 360-348-0285 or e-mail healingheartvet@aol.com to register.

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Anita Curtis Is Coming Back!

Mark your calendars now! I am thrilled to announce that Anita Curtis, international speaker and author, will be returning June 20-21, 2015 to continue and expand our learning on how to hear the animals.

I met Anita 12 years ago and it changed my life. I was so honored to host her this year in August at my home to teach. Everyone had a wonderful time gaining new skills and confidence in their ability to communicate with their animals living and deceased.

Fall Has Come

Balancing and harmonizing your horse with acupuncture and Tui-na will help to maintain optimal health this fall and winter. If you live in the Pacific Northwest like I do, you know Fall came seemingly overnight this year. Cooler, moister weather along with shorter periods of sun are stressful for the body and immune system. Acupuncture and Tui-na help the body to adjust and reset.

To help warm your horse from the inside out try a little cinnamon in an oat mash. Other warming foods include sweet potato (my horses love these!) ginger, garlic, squash, pumpkin, hawthorn, peach, sunflower seeds and nutmeg. For those horses that need more calories olive oil added to beet pulp or an oat mash is a good way to add calories and warm the body.

For those of you living in damp environments like the Pacific NW, I suggest foods to help “drain damp”. A little alfalfa, celery, corn (get the non GMO) garlic and lemon work well. Damp, as seen in Chinese medicine, is a pathogen that adversely affects the spleen. The spleen is the organ that transforms and moves the energetic Qi through the body. Keeping the damp cleared is essential to a healthy immune system to ward off pathogens and maintain overall health.

Fall Schedule

My Fall schedule includes trips to:

  • Seattle north to the border – Nov or early Dec
  • Vancouver, WA/Portland – NovLet me know if you would like me to stop by and balance your horse. Phone 360-348-0285 or e-mail healingheartvet@aol.com.

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