Happy Thanksgiving to All

drseelye-readingAs we enter this holiday season I reflect on all I have to be grateful for. All of you that I have met this year come to mind. You have expanded and enriched my world. Your animals have helped me to learn and been great teachers to me. You have been courageous to choose a different path, the road less traveled, fraught with ruts and boulders rising in your path. You have chosen to go against conventional therapy and not believe the verdicts you have been handed, knowing there must be something more.

I continue to be amazed by your animals who teach me that maladies I have been taught are incurable can heal perfectly well when we get out of the way. The simplicity of bringing the body/mind back to a state of balance through naturopathic/wholistic concepts allowing that ideal healing machine, the body, to heal continues to amaze me! My training has well wired me with beliefs that certain things do not heal and can’t get better, but the horses continue to prove those beliefs wrong.

In the coming weeks I will share with you a few of the cases that I have seen this year. Animals that are alive, healthy and happy today when their owners had been told by veterinary ‘experts’ that there was nothing else that could be done and euthanasia was imminent. Owners who chose not to believe them and had the courage to strike out on a different path. Owners who allowed me to help facilitate balance in their horses and dogs, empowering themselves with knowledge along the way. You are my heroes and I am grateful to you.

Stay tuned for wonderful inspirational stories coming soon. Blessings to all this holiday season. May health and joy be yours always!

Posted by: karenw on November 26, 2013 @ 9:47 am
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