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Keep the Flame Burning

In Jan I started off the Year of the Horse with an Ignite the Magic clinic here in Yelm. Lots of smiles, laughter and joy was present! As we start to wrap up 2014 I invite you to bring your horse and join me to Keep the Flame Burning. Nov 8 and 9th at D&R Stables in Graham, WA. Attend one day for $155 or 2 days for $195.

What you will learn:

  • how to attain self carriage, balance, and confidence on and off your horse.
  • the healing art of Chinese Tui-na to bring your horse into balance and harmony.
  • how to create a foundation of trust and get your horse’s desire to please you through a true heart to heart connection.

Call me at 360-348-0285 or e-mail healingheartvet@aol.com to register. (more…)

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2014 Equine Health Lecture Series »

Dr Seelye and her horsesEmpower yourself with knowledge to make informed choices for your horses and save you money too!

Dr. Suzan Seelye, DVM,CVA, CVT, international speaker, and clinician. quantumvet.com. Mixing the best of Eastern and Western medicine for a wholistic approach.

March 1, 2014 The Real Scoop on Vaccinations & Detox
Rethinking vaccination schedules, a common sense approach. What and why should you choose for your horse. Develop a healthier vaccination protocol based on facts not fear.

March 15, 2014 Feet, Teeth and Joints
We’ve all heard the saying “no foot no horse”. Learn the facts to make empowered decisions for your horse’s feet, dental and joint care.

April 5, 2014 The Ins and Outs of Colics and Ulcers
Or how to prevent a trip to your friendly veterinary surgeon.

Where & When: Heart of Wellness, 205 Clark Pl. SE Tumwater,WA . In the Heart room, enter through the main door. Feel free to bring your own snacks and something to drink. All lectures 11am to 1pm. heartofwellness.org

Cost: $35 per lecture or $90 for series of 3. 4H, Pony Club,WAHSET half price. Please call 360-348-0285 or e-mail healingheartvet@aol.com to register so we have enough handouts for those attending.

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Wishing you all a most evolving, joyous 2014! »


Dr Seelye riding barebackI invite you to bring your horse and join me in an Ignite the Magic Clinic I will be giving in Yelm at Longmire Stables Jan 25-26. This will be two full days of classroom, ground work, and riding with a sprinkle of Chinese Tui-na thrown in.

You will learn:

  • How to attain self carriage, balance, and confidence on and off your horse by understanding and applying Sally Swift’s Centered Ridingtm and Tom Nagel’s principles of posture, breath and awareness.
  • The hands on healing art of Chinese Tui-na.
  • How to create a foundation of trust and get your horse’s desire to please you through a true heart to heart connection through the Carolyn Resnick Method.

This clinic is appropriate for any level and any riding discipline. Click here for full flyer.

A Peek into the Year of the Horse with Equine Quantum Healing

I had the honor to work with artist Kim McElroy, spiritofhorse.com, this year in co creating a picture with my equine “Master Teachers”. It will soon be released for all of you to see! I had such fun, and it was such an expanding experience for me to work with another incredibly creative person that my inspiration for 2014 is offering workshops and clinics in co creation with other clinicians/healers. I am putting these together and will let you know as they are scheduled.

For my Oregon friends, it looks like I will be coming back to the Bend area this summer! More as this solidifies.

The Courage to Heal, Stories of Hope

by people that wouldn’t give up on their animal companions – teasers of what’s to come.

janet-ike-dec13Meet Janet and her horse Ike. Diagnosed with DSLD (degenerative suspensary ligament desmitis, also called ESPA) by 2 different veterinarians and confirmed with ultrasound Ike was given no chance of recovery. He was given maybe a few months before he would need to be euthanized. That was December 2012. Janet choose not to believe what she was told and kept searching for a cure. Today Ike is alive, happy and pain free running and bucking in his paddock. I will have his full story later this month.

Paula and Heidi - Success StoryMeet Paula and her dog Heidi. After two years, many vets and much frustration Paula felt there was no other option than euthanasia. At 3 years of age, Heidi looked more like 13. Two weeks after I saw Heidi she was a new dog with her youth and health back. They are both all smiles. Full story to come.

May you stay forever young

Didn’t get the Thanksgiving newsbrief?

Many of you have told me you did not receive my Thanksgiving newsbrief which contained information on a couple of 2014 events and a great new company of organic herbs for your horses chavanaturals.com. Here is the link.


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Upcoming events »

Dr. Suzan Seelye Riding Clinic 2014January 25 – 26, 2014

Ignite the Magic Equine Clinic

Find Balance, Create Connection for the perfect ride!

By international clinician
Dr. Suzan Seelye


  • how to attain self carriage, balance, and confidence on and off your horse.
  • the healing art of Chinese Tui-na.
  • how to create a foundation of trust and get your horse’s desire to please you through a true heart to heart connection.


Anita CurtisAugust 2-3 2014

Anita Curtis – Hear the Animals Talk

(2 day workshop)

I met Anita 12 years ago and my life was changed forever. I invite you to join me at my Yelm, WA home to learn from, in my opinion, the best practicing animal communicator in the world. This will be limited to 16 participants. There are 3 spots left. Cost $270.

www.anitacortis.com, www.nonverbal.com

Liberty Horse Training2014 Liberty Immersion Retreats and liberty training events

…with the talented
Nancy Kittleson and Lynn Elston in Snohomish, WA. These are based on the Carolyn Resnick method. Creating a bond through mutual respect and trust.

Contact Lynn at fromthemotherfarm@frontier.com, for dates and further information.

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Happy Thanksgiving to All »

drseelye-readingAs we enter this holiday season I reflect on all I have to be grateful for. All of you that I have met this year come to mind. You have expanded and enriched my world. Your animals have helped me to learn and been great teachers to me. You have been courageous to choose a different path, the road less traveled, fraught with ruts and boulders rising in your path. You have chosen to go against conventional therapy and not believe the verdicts you have been handed, knowing there must be something more. (more…)

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New product worth knowing about »

Chava Naturals – www.chavanaturals.com

chavanaturalsI was contacted by company owner Susan Funk Moore a few months ago who shared with me her locally prepared organic herbal blends for horses. I tried the Daily Maintenance Blend on my horses and also used myself. I figure if something is good for my animals what better way to see how it really works than try it on my own body. When I opened the bag I was pleasantly surprised by the vitality, and freshness of the herbs. My horses and I love them! (more…)

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Student Study Days »

Feb 23, 2013, 11am – 4pm
Find Your Joy, Find Your Balance, from the inside out.

Feb 24, 2013, 10am – 3pm
For the Love of the Horse
Equine Quantum Transformational Bodywork

Cost – single day $95, both days $150. Day 1 is recommended but not required to attend day 2.
Individual personal consultations and bodywork also available (for the human): $95
Those attending will receive a 15% discount on your next horse or dog treatment.

Call or e-mail me to let me know you will be joining me in this adventure of self evolution by Feb 18th.

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Space Out! Why Daydreaming is so Important »

Handheld device in a handRussel A. Daniels /AP

“Our data suggests that if you are not allowing yourself, not giving yourself a break, it is costly,” explained Lila Davachi, assistant professor of NYU’s Department of Psychology and Center for Neuroscience. “It’s possible you are hindering your brain’s ability to consolidate memories and experiences.” The study was authored by Arielle Tambini under the direction of Davachi. (more…)

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Pearls of Wisdom »

“Less is more”

“The routine is no routine”

“Give treats when least expected”

“Ask” your horse how he/she is today and formulate a game plan together. Every moment you and your equine partner are together, be flexible and present. Throw out the agenda.

Intent is everything. When you are asking your horse to square up, visualize in your head where you want the feet to be. If the stretches and squaring become frustrating for you that is also true for your horse partner. In that case it’s time to switch gears and maybe just hang out and eat your lunch with him/her out in the pasture or in the stall.

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Blue Lupine »

Shared with Permission from Equine Artist Kim McElroy (www.spiritofhorse.com)

I move forward into the future with clarity and grace
My head held high, I have the courage to embrace the past
Change empowers me when I accept it
I lift my feet high with every step, and I dance
I dance…

The winds of life carry me into new adventure
My thankful heart gives me strength and purpose
The light of a distant moon reveals herself through the clouds of doubt
I raise my eyes to the sky, 
and I fly
I fly…

~ Kim McElroy

Kim McElroy’s offers free weekly e-Inspirations. To sign up to receive Kim’s weekly e-inspirations, visit her website at: http://www.spiritofhorse.com/

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