“I just came back from a ride up the mountain on my new horse, 14 year old Belle. You worked with her in March, and her new pelvis and topline have allowed her much more access to freedom and power and responsiveness. We didn’t do much the first few weeks after her treatment, just some focus and stretching, then started with light arena work. In mid April we began to do more arena work, where I rode her long and deep, my body tipped just a hair forward to free up her pelvis(at my trainer’s suggestion). We did a few easy trail rides but I don’t think I’d been on her for more than 1/2 hour since her treatment when our May intensive came along. My trainer recognized that she was ready to go to work and work we did! I was amazed at her canter, her ability to lift up and forward and keep a slow, easy rhythm. This mare has always been inclined to rush her tempo (since the early days when she ran away with the cart and never got any “repair help”) and 10,000 endurance miles probably didn’t help. Anyway, there we were on the mountain, and if I kept my seat and legon she stayed in a slow tempo and was immediate on all transitions, up or down. We used to take 100 feet to slow down… now it’s one step and she’s back, no rein, all seat and leg. Riding down the mountain I was aware of a new use for the free pelvis… she really steps under herself now, there’s much more swing in her downhill step. She used to pussyfoot downhill, poking along, protecting that twisted hind end. Now she moves much more freely. Other surprises… she doesn’t need brush boots anymore because she’s not interfering. And, despite how little actual riding time she’s had this spring the ride halfway up the mountain produced only a little sweat and most of that was between her hind legs, almost none in the shoulders and neck. She’s using herself better and is obviously happy about it. She was also a bit more “spooky” than she used to be, not actually spooking but noticing the turkeys, the deer, the dog rushing through the bushesin ways she didn’t when she was roaring along trying to get a job done, miles covered. All her “spooks” amounted to were tiny twitches but I suspect she’s seeing the mountain with new eyes, since she’s feeling so youthful herself. She looks great and is a joy to ride!
Speaking of youthful, there’s Franz, the old dog you worked on in March. I asked you to help him be more comfortable since he was run over by a colt about 7 years ago, injured in his lumbar area, and has been getting more and more lame. He’ll be 16 this year, which is quite old for a border collie cross. And he’s been stone deaf for several years. Since you worked on him he’s hearing, not like a young dog, but I can speak his name from about 15 feet away and he hears. He’s moving much better most of the time, still has stiff days when he’s overdone but he recovers well. He’s been bringing me toys to play with him, something he hasn’t done in many years. His coat has improved and his weight is appropriate, his appetite good but not excessive. I don’t expect him to live forever, but he’s certainly having a much happier life since you worked with him!
Both Belle and Franz had weight issues before your work with them. They are now in much better weight and I am giving them both free choice of food and access to more protein. I don’t need to “fill them up” with low quality food because they know what they need, choose what creates the body they want, and neither is overweight now. Interesting… has huge repercussions in the human world. Actually, I’ve noticed that clients I see regularly usually shift their weight to a better balance although we often have quite a few talks about food to encourage that shift. But the change is not about stifling desires, it’s about recognizing what we really want and need”
Karen Young, acupuncturist

“Before the first session, my horse was in so much pain, that I made an appointment to have him put down. He was taking 20 Aleve tablet daily for comfort. After 6 weeks from the first session… no Aleve, no lameness, he looks a lot younger, and shinny. It is amazing!”
Deborah White

“I had to restrain myself from jumping up and down with excitement when I witnessed the profound and dramatic change in my 12 year old OTTB immediately after the first session of bodywork. I immediately (10 minutes after… and, frankly, during) saw changes in his body structure… his back muscles were released and soft… his neck and his pelvis were all those of a different horse. His movement was immediately freer and more coordinated. Not only that (and that was huge) but his expression… his eye and even the way he held his head were those of a happy and relaxed horse newly in tune with his body. You could tell he finally felt like “himself”… he felt like the horse he is supposed to be.One of the things I loved with this workwas that he was given time and space to process it all and participate mentally and emotionally in the whole process. Wow, amazing. This is a milestone in both of our lives.”
Kirsten Korhonen

“I am learning to teach Ben a new way of doing things… really, a new way of life. It used to be when I would walk up to him and slip on his halter, we would embark on a pattern of me trying to get him where I wanted him to go, stand still while I groomed and tacked him up, then make him go forward, bend, give to my hands and leg. It was all about me making him do things.
Now we are starting new. We are learning this together. I go out and slip on his halter. We are now in each other’s bubble. Now we are together… my state of mind affects his. When I walk, he is learning to walk WITH me, instead of me pulling him around, playing the game of him being distracted and me trying to get him back. These seemingly simply techniques are doing wonders.
Now, when I am on him, we are learning to relax. He is learning to go forward in a relaxed, swinging, free but focused way. And I am learning to go with him… to relax my body and sit into him and trust him.
Can I also mention his body? His STRUCTURE has changed! The divet in front of his withers is almost gone. His neck is longer. His back muscles have released and relaxed. His pot belly is gone. His expression is soft, his eye is liquid. His shoulders are released. My horse is a different horse. This is after one session of body work and two lessons. I am so happy for him and so excited for both of us. The potential for us… well, I haven’t even gone there yet in my mind… but it will come, I have no doubt. I know we are where we are supposed to be right now. And it is an exciting place. I feel likea total beginner again… but only in a good way. We are letting go of the old, and letting in the new.
How fabulous is that?”

“Hi Dr. Seelye,
Wow. What an incredible experience I had again this evening with you and Ike. I hope he is sleeping sweetly and feeling the love right now! How blessed we both are to have you come into our lives.
Please let me know when/where you would like me to be around when you are healing other horses. If at all possible, I will be there. I truly hope that I can continue learning from you and help heal horses in whatever way I can. It is your wholistic, compassionate and cooperative approach that is so incredibly fascinating and compelling to me. Let me live it and pass it on too!
Thank you so much,”
Michele Kelly

“Ike’s progress is very exciting, and I wanted to share with you something that happenend when I was mucking his stall the other night. He kept following me around and making it clear that he wanted to be touched in a certain place in a certain way. What he was looking for was that pressure at the top of his hips, that you were demonstrating to Michelle. As soon as I pressed there, he immediately dropped his head to the ground and started to smile. It was very cool!”

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